Z Transfer Coil

  • Z-shaped coil for magnetic transfer of atoms to atom chip
  • Integrated RF antenna for evaporative cooling in atom chip trap

Product Description

Product Description

The Transfer Coil is used to generate magnetic fields for the trapping and transporting cold atoms from the MOT to the atom chip within the RuBECi vacuum cell. The coil is shaped like the Z-wire on the atom chip to produce a Ioffe-Pritchard trap similar to the trap on the atom chip, which enables good mode-matching between the external field and the chip trap. The Z-coil also comes with an RF antenna to enable evaporative cooling of the chip-trapped atoms. The Z-coil is easily driven with ColdQuanta’s Z-coil driver, and the RF antenna can be driven with ColdQuanta’s DDS frequency synthesizer.

Product Specifications

Center aperture


2” x 1”
5 mm x 25 mm
29 mm
Coil Rail spacing1.772”
45 mm
Coil Rail diameter0.250”
63.5 mm
Typical coil resistance0.7 Ω
Typical coil inductance110 µH
RF antenna
Banana jack
Maximum current rating20 A
Dimensions2.3” x 2.3” x 3.7”
59 mm x 59 mm x 93 mm

Product Downloads

User Manual

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