Top-actuated rotation mounts

  • Compact rotation mount
  • Top or bottom actuation

Product Description

Product Description

Designed with tight fitting opptomechanical assemblies in mind, our rotation mounts provide 360° of continuous rotation in a compact package.  This rotation mount is designed to accept 10 mm optics, and are designed to be actuated with a hex driver from either top or bottom of the mount.  These mounts are best suited for use with polarization optics, such as waveplates, where centration is not critical.


Product Specifications

Optic Diameter10 mm
Size (L x W x H)17.9 mm x 18.8 mm x 4.4 mm
Clear aperture9 mm
Worm gear ratio130:1
2.8 degrees rotation of the waveplate per full rotation of the actuation gear