MOT Coils

  • Anti-Helmholtz coil pair
  • Ideal for MOT field generation
  • Mounts on 45 mm rails

Product Description

Product Description

The MOT coil assembly consists of a pair of circular coils connected in an anti-Helmholtz configuration. Provided on a convenient mounting frame, the coil assembly makes it easy to mount and align MOT coils around a miniMOT, miniMOT SE, Double MOT, or RuBECi cell. Coil pair sold with 3’ cable.

Product Specifications

Dimensions (each coil frame)2.8” x 2.7” x 0.58”
70 mm x 69 mm x 15 m
Center aperture diameter2”
51 mm
Coil Rail spacing1.772”
45 mm square
Coil Rail diameter0.250”
63.5 mm
ConnectorTwo-pin LEMO
Maximum current rating1 A continuous

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