• Compact UHV chamber
  • Active dispenser
  • Active and passive pumps to maintain vacuum
  • Integrated electronics to power pumps and dispenser
  • Integrated coil driver (coils sold separately)

Product Description

Product Description

The miniMOT is a stand-alone UHV system designed for immediate implementation into any educational or research group’s cold atom experiments. No knowledge of vacuum processing or vacuum technology is needed as the miniMOT is shipped under vacuum. Containing an integrated ion pump and drivers for the dispenser and MOT coils, the miniMOT frees either the seasoned researcher or student to focus their time on designing and building their experiment instead of the vacuum apparatus. When combined with our miniMOT Coils and miniMOT Kit the user is able to achieve a live MOT within hours (lasers and coupling optics to be provided by the user).

Product Specifications

External dimensions5.13″ x 4.5″ x 9.0″
13 x 11.5 x 23 cm
Nominal Cell height3.5″
9 cm
Mass4.5 lbs
2 kg
Vacuum quality with no Rb/Cs load<10 nTorr
Residual magnetic field from ion pump at cell center<0.5 G
Clear aperture of cell60 x 18 mm on sides of cell
15 mm diameter at end of cell
Alkali Metal SourceRubidium or Cesium at natural abundance

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Links and Resources

Neophytes build a MOT
This YouTube video illustrates setup and alignment of the miniMOT Package
Paper: Investigation of inertial sensing using electromagnetically induced transparency
Paper: Laser cooling of 85 Rb atoms to the recoil-temperature limit

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