miniMOT SE

  • Compact UHV Chamber
  • Active dispenser
  • Active and passive pumps to maintain vacuum
  • Integrated electronics to power pumps and dispenser
  • Simplified for educational lab settings

Product Description

Product Description

The miniMOT SE is a more compact and simpler version of the popular miniMOT. With cold atoms almost at your fingertips the miniMOT SE can help revitalize a traditional physics curriculum allowing students to participate in practical quantum experiments rapidly. No knowledge of vacuum processing or vacuum technology is needed as the miniMOT SE is shipped under vacuum. After a MOT is created the user can easily perform measurements such as atom number, cloud temperature, or loading rate.

Product Specifications

External dimensions

  • .7 x 4.5 x 9.1 inches
  • (68 x 115 x 231 mm)

Nominal Cell height

  • 1.50 inches
  • (38 mm)


  • 3.5 lbs
  • (1.59 kg)

Vacuum quality with no Rb/Cs load

  • <10 nTorr

Residual magnetic field from ion pump at cell center

  • <0.5 G

Clear aperture of cell

  • 40 x 14 mm on sides of cell
  • 10 mm diameter at end of cell

Alkali Metal Source

  • Rubidium or Cesium at natural abundance

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