miniMOT Package

  • miniMOT and optics package to enable production of a MOT
  • Highly flexible configuration
  • Pre-aligned for rapid deployment

Product Description

Product Description

ColdQuanta’s miniMOT optomechanics package is designed for either the seasoned researcher or a student in a physics lab to produce a rubidium MOT easily and rapidly. The optics package consists of a 15”x18” aluminum breadboard with a periscope/beamsplitting/polarization assembly; mirrors for ease of trap alignment, and a small B&W CCD camera for MOT imaging. This compact package enables the researcher, educator or student to produce a MOT with or without the optical expertise normally required to design, acquire, and setup his or her own system. It is simple to use and producing a live MOT is achievable in only a few hours. Significant time and cost savings can be realized by using this pre-assembled unit.

miniMOT Package includes

  • miniMOT
  • Delivery optics system
  • MAG-1000 Coil Assembly

Product Specifications

Dimensions15” x 18” breadboard
Beam height3.5”
Telescope magnification16X (75 mm/4.51 mm @ 780)

Product Options

Laser systemLaser system optimized for the chosen element

Links and Resources

This YouTube video illustrates setup and alignment of the miniMOT Package
Theses: Achieving a Stable Magneto-Optical Trap
Paper: Progress towards a quantum memory with telecom-frequency conversion

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