Product Description

Product Description

The ColdQuanta microShutter is a high-performance chip-scale mechanical shutter designed for ultra-low SWaP laser shuttering applications, especially those sensitive to stray light. The microShutter features an integrated beam dump that traps light on-chip with normally open operation. Designed for direct integration in compact cold-atom quantum systems, the light and dark regions are physically separated to allow close integration into any system whose performance requires dark conditions to maximize performance. Product is under development. Please request additional information or updated specifications.

Product Specifications

Note that these are draft specifications.

Chip Envelope 5 x 5 x 1 mm
Integrated Collimation Assembly 5 x 5 x 2 mm for 0.6 mm diameter beam collimation
Mass < 0.2 g chip
< 0.3 g with lens assembly
Shutter Voltage 150 V (typ)
Shutter Current 0.5 &mu:A (max)
Driver Power 2.5 mW (typ)
Optical Power 100 mw continuous
300 mW max
Shutter Transition Time 20 μs (typ),10 μs (min)
Shutter Extinction -45 dB (typ)
Insertion Loss -2 dB (typ)
Lifetime >250,000,000 cycles
Wavelength 780 nm (design)
400 nm to 1000 nm capable

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