High-NA Imaging Cells

  • Optically matched to readily available microscope objectives at 0.3, 0.5, and 0.7NA
  • Face parallelism <1 arcminute
  • Ultrahigh vacuum cell
  • Anti-reflection coated on inside and outside surfaces of all cell walls (uncoated available)
  • Bakeable to high temperatures

Product Description

Product Description

ColdQuanta’s high-quality glass cells offer a new level of optical access to in-vacuum experiments. Assembled with an optical contacting process, the cells provide high-quality AR coatings while maintaining very high optical flatness in the cell walls, enabling minimal optical distortion through the cell.

This cell family is designed to be used with readily available microscope objectives, including the G Plan APO 20x and 50x ULWD objectives from Mitutoyo, which allow the user to access samples at 0.3 and 0.5 NA, respectively. The cell is fabricated to ensure excellent parallelism between the two large faces, making it possible to image or project light through two faces of the cell with almost no astigmatism. The cells are connected to the flange through an anodic bond to a silicon transfer, and have no epoxy or frits, giving them excellent outgassing properties.

Contact ColdQuanta to learn about our new, 0.7NA objective that is optically matched to this cell.

Product Specifications

Nominal ID Dimensions

  • 10 mm x 13 mm x 60 mm

Optical flatness

  • < λ/2 per cm peak-valley flatness

Surface quality

  • 10-20 scratch-dig

Surface roughness

  • < 2 Å typical

Wall thickness

  • 3.5 ±0.05 mm

Top/Bottom face parallelism

  • <1 arcminute

Glass material

  • Schott Borofloat 33

AR Coating

  • Stocked with targeted IBS AR coating for rubidium, cesium, potassium, sodium, and optical trapping at 532 & 1064nm
  • Uncoated cells also available

Temperature range

  • up to 300 °C

Vacuum connection

  • DN16 (1.33”) or DN40 (2.75”) conflat

Product Options

  • AR coated or uncoated
  • DN16 or DN40 CF Flange

Product Downloads

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