Cold Atom Source Cells

  • Dual alkali metal sources
  • 2D+ MOT capable
  • Pinhole for differential pressures
  • Assembled without epoxies or frits
  • DN16 CF Flange

Product Description

Product Description

ColdQuanta’s Cold Atom Source Cell (CASC) is a compact vacuum component that simplifies the production of high-flux beams of laser-cooled atoms using 2D or 2D (+) Magneto-Optical Traps (MOT). The unit is easily integrated into the end user’s vacuum system through a standard CF interface, and is bakeable to 225 °C. Differential pumping of the system is maintained by an aperture in a silicon plate that isolates the user’s vacuum system from the higher pressures required for 2D MOT operation.

The CASC is based on a well-tested design used in ColdQuanta’s RuBECi two-chamber ultrahigh vacuum (UHV) system. Fluxes of several billion atoms-per- second can be achieved with rubidium or cesium.

Product Specifications

Alkali Metal Sources2 pre-installed alkali sources (Rb and/or Cs)
Typical atom flux109 pre-cooled atoms per second
Electrical connections4 PCB pin connections (2 for each source)
Temperature rangeup to 225°C
MOT operation2D MOT and 2D(+) MOT capability
Vacuum connection1.33” (DN16) conflat (2.75” adapter plate available)
Vacuum apertureØ = 0.75 mm through 1 mm thick pinhole
Aperture conductance0.05 liters/s

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