3 Axis Coils

  • Three coil pairs
  • Compact package
  • Mounts on 45 mm rails

Product Description

Product Description

The 3-axis coil assembly consists of six coils arranged to apply magnetic bias fields and gradients across atomic samples in one of ColdQuanta’s vacuum cells, such as the RuBECi, Double MOT or miniMOT systems. The coils enable easy, low power generation of e.g. MOT fields, bias fields for atom chip traps, and make it simple to apply or cancel low-order fields. The assembly is mounted to around the vacuum cell by the use of the coil-rail system, installed standard on most of ColdQuanta’s vacuum systems. The coil assembly is designed to be driven in a standard configuration (X1, X2, Y, Z) with ColdQuanta’s four-channel coil driver. Coil sold with 3’ cable.

Product Specifications

Center aperture
2” x 1”
51 mm x 25 mm
2.9 mm
Coil Rail spacing 1.772”
45 mm square
Coil Rail diameter 0.250”
6.35 mm
Magnetic field with coils in
Helmholtz configuration
22.6 G/A
15.6 G/A
Magnetic field with coils in
anti-Helmholtz configuration
15.4 G/cm-A X-
4 G/cm-A
Typical coil resistance
  X-, Y-coils
2.4 Ω
3.7 Ω
Typical coil inductance
  X-, Y-coils
0.9 mH
1.75 mH
Connector 15-pin micro-D
Maximum current rating 3 A
Dimensions 2.3” x 2.3” x 3.7”
59 mm x 59 mm x 93 mm

Product Downloads

Mechanical Drawing

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