2D MOT Magnets

  • Permanent magnet assembly
  • Integrated 2-axis translation stage
  • Correct magnetic field for 2D(+) MOT operation

Product Description

Product Description

The 2D MOT magnet assembly produces magnetic field gradients appropriate for a 2D(+) MOT. Designed to be used with ColdQuanta’s RuBECi, Double MOT and CASC cells, permanent magnets provide a 2D quadrupole field over the cell with a field gradient of ~30 Gauss/cm. The magnets are held on a two-axis translation stage that allows the user to easily align the 2D MOT relative to the aperture; making it easy to optimize the flux of atoms from the 2D MOT to the 3D MOT. Since the 2D MOT magnet assembly employs permanent magnets there is no need for a power supply. For users with experiments that are particularly sensitive to external magnetic fields, we offer an option to replace the permanent magnets with coils.


Product Specifications

Center hole aperture1.5”
38 mm
Translation stage range0.25”
6.4 mm
Typical magnetic field gradient30 Gauss/cm
Dimensions4.5” x 3.25” x 3.2”
115 mm x 83 mm x 82 mm

Product Options

  • MAG-2000 – 2D MOT Permanent magnet assembly
  • MAG-2100 – 2D MOT Coil assembly

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Mechanical Drawings

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