0.7 NA Objective

  • Optically matched to ColdQuanta's UHV imaging cells

Product Description

Product Description

ColdQuanta offers a custom-made, 0.7 NA microscope objective for very demanding applications. This objective is matched to the optical properties of ColdQuanta’s UHV imaging cells.

Our imaging cells are optically contacted, which allows for AR coating of all faces and very high optical flatness, resulting in minimal optical distortion. These cells are fabricated to ensure exellent parallelism between the two large faces, making it possible to image or project light through both faces with almost no astigmatism. The cells are connected to the flange through an anodic bond to a silicon transfer, and have no epoxy or frits, giving them excellent outgassing properties.

Product Specifications

Numerical Aperture

  • 0.7


  • Plan Apo

Wavelength Range

  • 550-860nm and 1040-1080nm


  • <0.7 um @ 780nm

Working Distance

  • 10mm

Optical Throughput

  • > 80%

Optical Correction

  • Infinity


  • 30x on 1/2″ sensor

Objective Housing

  • Non-magnetic

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