Custom Vacuum Products

ColdQuanta’s expertise in designing and fabricating sophisticated ultra-high vacuum systems is unparalleled.  The technology is key to both the miniMOT™ and the RuBEC1®.  Vacuum technology in the cold and ultra-cold matter world is notoriously time consuming, unwieldy and tricky.  Now with our state-of the art vacuum processing facility we can work with the research customer to create and manufacture precisely the custom vacuum design the customer requires.

Source Cell

ColdQuanta’s 2D MOT source cell is a compact vacuum cell  which may provide a flux of up to 10^9 pre-cooled atoms per second to the user’s vacuum system.  The cell enables 2D and 2D(+) MOT operation.  An external magnetic field is required, which may be provided by either magnetic coils or permanent magnets, and is compatible with ColdQuanta’s 2D MOT Magnet assembly.  The cell comes with a 1.33″ (DN25) CF vacuum connection.  The unit is shipped with two alkali sources pre-installed, and is bakeable to 225 C. 

Available with Rubidium or Cesium sources.  Please specify.

source cell for cold atoms