Ultracold and Cold Atom Simplified

Four day training course in Boulder, Colorado.

ColdQuanta is offering training at its state of the art facility in Boulder, Colorado. The program will offer an intense course in the principles behind creating MOTs and BEC with a heavy emphasis on lab work using ColdQuanta’s miniMOT ™ and RuBECi® systems. ColdQuanta will help augment the skills to allow a physicist to rapidly set up and deploy his or her own experiments in BEC and ultracold atoms. The course is designed for a range of experience from graduate students, and/or physicists who may want to brush up on their laser and evaporative cooling skills to the experimentalist who wishes to jump start their own experiments.

 Please contact us for more information, availability and pricing.

Course Highlights

  • Control Systems
  • 2D and 3D MOT lab work
  • BEC Production & Imaging
  • Laser Stabilization and Cooling
  • Optimization, Transport & Loading Experiments
  • Atom Chips
  • Evaporative Cooling
  • BEC Experiments

Course Itinerary

Day One
  • Introduction to MOT, 2D MOT and control principles
  • Introduction to ColdQuanta’s miniMOT ™ and RuBECi®
  • Lab work on 3D MOT and alignment
Day Two
  • Computer control of MOT sequencing
  • Principles of BEC production and imaging
  • Principles of laser stabilization and tuning and corresponding lab work
Day Three
  • Introduction to atom chips
  • Control system, transport, chip loading
  • Optimization principles, transport and loading experiments
  • Principles of RF evaporation
Day Four
  • Optimization and evaporative cooling
  • BEC Experiments