Complex Problems, New Solutions

Quantum computers have the potential to solve humanity’s most difficult problems, and lead to advances in drug discovery, operational efficiency, machine learning, and many areas of science. Cold atom technology can be the basis for building scalable, more easily deployable quantum computers.

ColdQuanta Previews its Cold Atom Quantum Computer

Small Size Massive Potential

Measured Down to Every Atom

Not all qubits are created equal.  Cold, neutral atoms have numerous advantages over other approaches. Atoms are identical so there are no manufacturing defects. Because neutral atoms don’t interact easily they are more immune to noise and can hold onto quantum information for a relatively long time.


Precise Sensors

Small Size. Massive Potential.

The most common superconducting-based quantum computers require extensive cooling apparatus that results in systems as large as supercomputers. Neutral atom approaches can conceivably provide many thousands of qubits in a small footprint of less than 1 mm2, an extremely attractive capability that is difficult to match with any other technology.


Ready To Scale

Ready to Scale

Cold atom technology is more scalable than any other quantum computing platform that exists today, and better suited to commercialization.