Ultrahigh vacuum for ultracold atoms

RuBECi® Ultracold Matter Cell

The RuBECi® is designed to enable the production of Bose-Einstein Condensates and related forms of ultracold matter. The entire unit can be held in one hand. Like many of its bigger cousins, the RuBECi® utilizes two chambers, a lower one to achieve high atom number, and an upper one to maintain an ultra-high vacuum.  The instrument utilizes an atom chip which translates into simple interfacing and rapid BEC production with high duty cycle and low power consumption. The RuBECi® is shipped permanently under vacuum and ready to be placed into an appropriate apparatus.

Portable Ultracold Atom Lab

    Roll your BEC or ultracold atom system to your desired location in your premises. The system consists of an ultra-high vacuum cell, complete physics package and all the required electronics, lasers, optics, and imaging equipment to create and image Bose-Einstein condensate and forms of ultracold atoms

Table-Top BEC System

The BEC or Ultracold Atom Table-Top System comprises of ColdQuanta’s flagship RuBECi® which lies at the heart of the system and where the cloud of cooled atoms is trapped. Also included are the required electronics, lasers, optics, and imaging equipment to create and image the cloud of ultracold atoms

BEC ultracold atoms

The Physics Station

BEC System

The Physics Station is a highly sophisticated, compact opto-mechanical package designed to enable the production and detection of cold and ultracold atom samples in ColdQuanta’s double-MOT vacuum device, the RuBECi®. Equipped with all the opto-mechanics necessary for double-MOT production, BEC production, and atom cloud imaging, the system is designed to provide excellent optical access. It is easy to adjust and ready to use instantly along with a compatible vacuum system and laser system. The Physics Station provides comparable functionality to the Physics Platform in a greatly condensed package.

The Physics Platform

ultracold atom physics platform

The Physics Platform is a highly flexible complete opto-mechanical package to enable the production of cold and ultracold atom samples in ColdQuanta’s double-MOT vacuum device, the RuBECi®. It comes complete with adjustable mounts and fiber inputs on a 2’x2’ breadboard . The user may design their own experiment around the basic double-MOT and BEC production components, allowing the user to jump-start their experiment. Similar to the Physics Station the Physics Platform has excellent optical access and provides the user with increased flexibility to modify and add on to the system.


Coil Assembly

ColdQuanta’s coil assembly consists of six coils arranged in a rectangular structure designed to give the required field gradients and bias fields for producing a magneto-optical trap (MOT) as well as Bose-Einstein condensation (BEC) when used with ColdQuanta’s RuBECi®. The assembly is designed to easily attach to the RuBECi® by aligning holes in the bottom of the assembly with the coil rails of the RuBECi®.

Magnet Assembly

The magnet assembly provides a 2D quadrupole field over the cell with a field gradient of 20 Gauss/cm. The magnets are held on a translation stage that translates the 2D MOT relative to the aperture. This allows the user to optimize the flux of atoms from the 2D MOT to the 3D MOT. The ColdQuanta 2D MOT magnet assembly employs 2D Magnets, which eliminates the need for an additional power supply.

Transfer Coil

The Transfer Coil generates magnetic fields for the transportation of cold atoms within the RuBECi® vacuum cell. The cold atoms are loaded on to the atom chip at the top of the RuBECi®. The Z-coil also comes with an RF antenna to evaporatively cool the chip-trapped atoms.