US Dept of Energy: ColdQuanta, an SBIR/STTR Success Story

March 25, 2020

“ColdQuanta, a world-leader in commercial cold atom systems, developed its core technology with the support of SBIR, STTR and other funding from several Government agencies. The company has achieved important breakthroughs that will contribute to the development of a variety of quantum systems. Trapped and cooled neutral atoms are a promising physical platform among a few that have emerged in the past 20 years as contenders for quantum computing hardware—a physical way to produce a series of qubits with high fidelity. This technology makes it possible to create 2D arrays of single atoms, each array representing a qubit. Therefore, it addresses one of the main challenges in quantum computing: scaling up to a large number of qubits. ColdQuanta’s advances in vacuum technology address another key demand of quantum computing: ensuring that the atom arrays (qubits) are well isolated from the environment, preventing decoherence of their fragile quantum state.”

Read the story from the US Department of Energy’s Office of Science here.