Custom Glass Cells

ColdQuanta has the fabrication capabilities to produce very high optical quality glass cells with A.R. coatings both inside and outside. We are able to produce cells in a large variety of shapes and sizes, including irregular shapes such as trapezoids and rectangles. Our scientists and engineers will work with you to design a cell, and to ensure that the final specifications meet the needs of your experiment.


The cells are fabricated using optical contacting and anodic bonding, enabling extremely high levels of surface flatness, and leaving no residual material in chamber. All coatings are deposited with the highest quality ion-beam sputtering process, giving coatings with very high damage thresholds, and minimizing risk of the coating absorbing water and shifting during vacuum processing. Cells are typically bakeable to 300 C; surface flatness of better than λ/4 per cm (peak-valley) is achievable, and we can design AR coatings as low as R<0.1% per surface at multiple wavelengths.


Contact us at [email protected] to discuss your requirements. When submitting a request, please provide a sketch, and specify what the critical parameters for your system are (such as surface flatness, AR coating performance, wall thickness, etc.)