Custom Engineering

ColdQuanta offers custom design and manufacturing services to enable research and applications of cold and ultracold matter. From custom variations on our standard products, such as custom miniMOT or RuBECi® systems, to fully custom solutions tailored to your application; our team of scientists and engineers can work with you to find the best solution to your problem. We work closely with customers in various quantum technology fields, and can consult on your system needs for quantum information, gravimetry, magnetometry, inertial sensing, and time-keeping.


Our expertise in designing and fabricating sophisticated ultra-high vacuum systems is unparalleled.  The technology is key to both the miniMOT™ and the RuBECi® vacuum systems, and we can apply our experience to your problem, potentially saving months or even years of development. Additionally, we have extensive experience in optics, opto-mechanics, magnetics, and electronics; enabling delivery of everything from system components all the way to complete solutions.


The ColdQuanta team also possess a top-level expertise in microfabrication. Together with a network of partners, we can offer design and fabrication solutions for projects requiring thin film processing, lithography, etching, and bonding for devices such as atom chips and MEMS.

Contact us at [email protected] to discuss your project.