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Welcome to Albert, the cloud system that lets users explore fundamental quantum phenomena such as tunneling and superposition by generating, manipulating, and experimenting with ultracold matter.  Similar technology from ColdQuanta is used as part of the Cold Atom Laboratory on the International Space Station. Now with Albert, from your laptop you can:

Cool atoms to near absolute zero, creating a state of matter where quantum-mechanical behavior comes into play on a large scale.

Control, study, and even photograph the wavefunction of a quantum cloud of atoms.

Determine the temperature and number of atoms in a cloud of quantum matter, and explore your own class of quantum sensors.

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Measured Down To Every Atom

About Albert

For the first time, people interested in quantum matter can easily generate, manipulate, and experiment with Bose-Einstein Condensates  (BECs), a form of ultracold matter. Albert provides a university-level Atomic, Molecular, Optical (AMO) physics lab on the cloud, providing remote access to a capability previously found only in premier research organizations.

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Albert User Guide

Albert is intended to accelerate research, education, and practical understanding of quantum physics and ultracold matter. Learn what you can do with Albert! Read the user guide.

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Nobel-prize Winning Work

Read about the scientists who were awarded the Nobel Prize for synthesizing Bose-Einstein Condensates, which were first theorized by Albert Einstein and Satyendra Nath Bose.